Where is the current most active home selling market located?

Do you know where the most active home selling market is this spring? According to the National Association of Realtors, San Jose, California had the fastest selling home market for the month of March. The median amount of time a home spent waiting to be sold was 22 days.

The spring and summer months are the beginning of the best time to sell a home, with median list prices up 11 percent higher than the previous year. 

The top 10 fastest home selling markets (based on the median number of days spent on the market) as of March are:

San Jose, California: 22 days 
San Francisco, California: 26 days
Santa Roa, California: 32 days
Denver, Colorado: 37 days
Seattle, Washington: 37 days
Boulder, Colorado: 38 days
Vallejo, California: 38 days
Los Angeles, California: 41 days
Minneapolis, Minnesota: 43 days
San Diego, California: 43 days

In addition to the fastest selling home markets, the National Association of Realtors has also released top 10 lists of the most and least popular home features. The top three of each include:

Features least likely to be built in a new home:

  • Carpeting as flooring on the main level
  • Outdoor kitchen or cooking area
  • Sunroom.

Features most likely to be built in a new home:

  • A walk-in closet in the master bedroom
  • Energy Star-rated windows 
  • Programmable thermostat.

Many new home features are being added for seamless energy loss reduction as well as better use of space provided. Maintaining an energy-efficient home can be easily done when all the efficient methods have already been implemented.

To find out where you can make changes in your home, schedule an energy efficiency home inspection with Alban inspectors. Visit our website for more information.