Please stay safe and Covid-19 free.  By nature, Realtors® are social people, from start of a transaction working to establish rapport with a new client through closing.  Realtors® thrive on close contact with many others, lawyers, colleagues, Broker’s office staff, listing agents and numerous clients, among others.   

For most Coronavirus patients, recovery is very unpleasant.   Survivors leaving hospitals uniformly report how utterly awful the course of the disease feels.  However, I believe news reports are not stressing enough that surviving Covid-19 may leave lasting health defects, including scarred lungs, heart and blood clotting problems and cognitive deficiencies.  It is one thing for an 80-year-old person to recover with some lasting problems, but currently Covid-19 is rampant among younger people in their 20s to 40s.  A thirty year old with cognitive disabilities for the remaining 50 years of his or her life seems devastating.  Please follow public health official’s guidance.

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