7 reasons why solar panels are becoming more popular

Solar panels seem to be popping up everywhere, between daily commutes, walks during lunch breaks and spring road trips, the phenomenon seems to be here to stay. But why?

There are many reasons why solar panel power has become increasingly noticeable including:

  • Cheap production: According to The Consumerist, there is a global surplus of panels because of Chinese factories producing the product since early 2009, creating a massive oversupply. This oversupply has caused prices to drop and panel pop-ups to surge.
  • Homeowners with solar panels can save an average of 50 percent on their electric bills or even eliminate the bills completely, said Solar World.
  • Homes with solar power sell 15 percent faster than homes without it.
  • The Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory has stated that adding a solar power system to a home can increase the resale value by an average of $5.50 per watt.
  • Solar energy on and in your home can help conserve more than 16,000 gallons of water per year as well as reduce your overall carbon footprint. Eliminate your personal generation of carbon dioxide beginning with your home.
  • Solar power panels are silent generators of electricity and require little to no maintenance once installed. 
  • Solar energy is a renewable resource that emits no pollution. It doesn't require fuel or other non-renewable resources. It can be used to harness power in remote locations as well as store energy for cloudy or sunless days.

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