The summer is a great opportunity to get outside and spend some carefree time in the sunshine. Although seasonal adventures can be tempting, make sure your home is in great shape to not only leave alone for a few days, but to entertain guests as well.

Keep the following three tips in mind for optimal summer maintenance:

  •  Before opening the windows, be sure their screens have no rips or tears. In addition, before turning on the air conditioner confirm that all the windows are able to shut tightly to conserve energy and save money.
  • Check out the roof for any potential signs of leaks or damage. As the summer months can bring rain, this can help prevent issues before they begin.
  • Inspect the patio for any pests, major damage or excess sloping before having guests over. Something as simple as a power wash can make a big difference.
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Get Out and About your Home, Inside and Out

Inspect your house exterior for loose or rotted siding.

Power wash siding or brick. This will help get rid of any dust, dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, etc., any of which will leave your home looking less than its best.

Repair and repaint any chipped, cracking or faded exterior paint.

Besides improving your home’s curb appeal, it will also help protect it from the elements.

Wash windows inside and out.

You’ll be amazed how much more light will stream in and how much clearer your view will be.

Check brick tuckpointing.

Also, inspect foundation for cracks or leaks. Foundation cracks can create an entry point for groundwater, insects and radon gas. Repair as needed.

Check windows for leaks.

Recaulk seals on doors and windows. This can help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Power wash and reseal your deck.

This will help prevent any wood from splitting, graying or cracking.

Clean out gutters and downspouts.

Summer storms and high winds can deposit debris in your gutters. Even though this is generally considered a job for spring and fall, summer is also recommended.

Clean out the faucet traps (the small screen on the end of your faucet) to eliminate clogging mineral deposits and other debris.

Simply unscrew the end of the faucet with a pair of pliers, remove the trap, flush out the debris and replace.

Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct.

Without some maintenance, clogged lint and dust in your dryer vents could cause a house fire.

Inspect outdoor play equipment.

Reinforce, tighten and re-stain, reseal or repaint as needed.

Inspect fencing.

Reinforce, re-stain, reseal or repaint as needed.

Refill cracks on cement walkway or driveway.

Concrete is strong, but it can be easily damaged by standing water and freezing water that seeps in through the cracks.

End-of-summer home improvement projects to tackle this August

Although many wish it wouldn’t come to a close, the last weeks of August signify a shift from the dog days of summer into back-to-school mode for parents and kids. Before the weekly activities, meetings and other commitments begin to pile up again, there are a few end of summer home projects to do before fall rolls around.

Landscaping Before Autumn

Landscaping is a great end-of-the-summer routine to begin. Cleaning out the garden or pulling weeds and dried-out plants signifies a shift to fall foliage and warmer-toned arrangements of fall and winter-ready flowers. Getting a head start never hurts. Although most landscaping jobs can be done by a homeowner, be sure to leave pruning and ladder-work to experienced professionals. Before you seal your home up against the cool weather to come, keep all pests such as termites and spiders outside as well. Check windows, doors and other entryways for small passageways that can be used by critters.


Schedule Your Inspection Today

Finally, check out the energy efficiency of your home. Scheduling an energy audit with Alban Inspections is a great way to reduce heating and other bills that accompany autumn. Call (800) 822-7200 today!