The latest energy-efficient method changes in Virginia

According to the report Assessing Virginia's Energy Future: Employment Impacts of Clean Power Plan Compliance Scenarios, Virginia's compliance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan will make a lasting impression on the current job market. 

Adhering to the outlined changes can:

  • Create thousands of permanent and temporary jobs in the renewable energy sector
  • Diversify power sources such as energy-efficient materials and natural gases
  • Double the amount of new jobs if the state enacted a more permanent elimination of electricity from out-of-state sources. 

The EPA's Clean Power Plan, expected to become final in Virginia this summer, will require the state to lower its carbon emissions electricity rate from 1,483 pounds per megawatt-hour to 810 pounds per megawatt-hour by 2030.

Two possible plans to ensure these changes are made can produce vastly different results, as explained by Meister Consultants Group. A short-term plan for change will create 5,700 temporary and permanent jobs. If a longer term plan is chosen instead, over 12,000 jobs can be created, almost the same number of current members in Virginia's commercial construction sector. 

Changes to state legislation and regulations can enhance the way the U.S. uses and creates energy sources, but it's not the only way to enable energy efficiency

Scheduling a home inspection for a home energy efficiency consultation can help you understand how your home and lifestyles choices impact the environment. Using LED lightbulbs, replacing older appliances or installing solar panels are just a few of the many ways homeowners can reduce their bills and carbon footprint. 

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