You ask: “Why have a home energy audit?” At the heart of owning a home is the simple idea that owners are better served by having thorough and accurate information about their new homes. If their homes are optimized, they are more economical and comfortable to live in. If properly maintained, the various parts of your home will last longer.

Energy Costs Continue to Rise

Energy has become much more expensive over time and the trend shows no signs of abating. Most jurisdictions nationwide have experienced energy price increases and recent increases have been the most painful yet. Fortunately, we have seen builders increase insulation and improve the efficiency of installed systems in newer homes.

Unfortunately, older homes have not been designed with energy efficiency in mind and these rate changes will affect owners of less efficient homes severely. In this new era of expensive energy then, homeowners and homebuyers need to understand the energy performance of their homes.

Energy Efficiency Can Save You Money

Recently, there have been efforts to find ways to offer homeowners energy saving/cost saving formation and benefits. There are really three driving forces at play here. Homeowners naturally desire to save money on utility bills. Reducing a mandatory expense such as utility costs puts money in play in the discretionary areas, such as entertainment and other lifestyle choices.

Second, homes that are energy efficient are actually more comfortable. Less drafts and more even temperatures result from tighter houses. Lastly, there is the drive to do good, the right thing, to save the environment.

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Let The Experts Audit Your Home

Think how much money has been saved when in the late 1970’s the “right turn on red light” laws became common. A car sitting needlessly a red light eats money, just as a drafty house leaks money through the exterior doors.

There is no longer any excuse for not having your house audited for energy efficiency. Many of the retrofit recommendations are not terribly costly and they can save money every month, year in and year out. And when you, as the homeowner, go to sell the home to move on, how powerful is the statement that “My home is energy efficient and reasonable to operate”.

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