From the desk of

Arthur S. Lazerow
Chairman, Alban Inspections, Inc
And Retired Home Inspector May, 2019

We have been blessed with so many requests for home and environmental testing this year that we have been on the search for additional staff.  Over the years, Alban Inspections has been blessed with really superior inspectors.  George Ash, Fred Nugent, Rodney Shull and Marty Blackwood, home inspectors, and Quintin Satterfield, chief lead-paint inspector, among others immediately come to mind.  Not only have they been knowledgeable housing people, but in all cases, they have been very fine people.  We have interviewed a number of candidates and although each had a deep understanding of construction, most did not have the personality to be able to conduct a satisfying experience for our clients.

As I have said many time, I loved my career as a home inspector.  It was supremely gratifying to work with homebuying clients and their Realtors®.  It was equally gratifying to be called upon for advice, which continues to this day, even though my days of climbing roofs are over.  Age and a balance problem have not been kind to me.  But our very fine inspectors have continued to serve our clients well.

For Alban, we hire not only for skill, but for personality.  We define this simply as having the unique character to be able to relate to and communicate with our clients to their satisfaction.  This spring, we have found two such people.  Frank Storm is currently in training.  He completed his home inspector’s course and without problem passed the Maryland home inspectors’ examination.  He is now licensed.  However, he waited about six weeks after we offered him a home inspector position until his wife give birth to their first child, a son born in April.  More about Frank next month.

Over my seven decades of life, one thing that has stood out to me with regard to staff.  Occasionally the good Lord sends me a present.  It then becomes my job to appreciate and accept the gift.  Steve Fletcher is the latest gift to fall into my and Alban’s laps.  Steve is fully trained, licensed and started his home inspection career last month.  The feedback I am getting reinforces my confidence that Steve is and will continue to be a blessing for his clients and their Realtors®.

Steve had a remarkable 40-year career for Bechtel, traveling extensively nationally and internationally as a construction inspector.  The first paragraph of his resume reads “Extensive Construction, Environmental, Safety and Health experience working on unique and diverse global projects.  Experience includes Power, Telecommunications, Space and Defense, Oil, Gas and Chemical, and Mining and Metals (on projects for) Shell, Chevron, AT&T, Sprint, RTA, BHP-B, U.S. public utilities, Conoco Phillips and the U.S. Air Force as clients.”

I was immediately impressed when Sandy Watkins, Alban’s President, and I had lunch with Stephen.  His confidence, quiet demeanor, intelligence and knowledge of residential construction shined brightly.  I know that our clients and their Realtors® will likewise be impressed and pleased to have Steve Fletcher on their side given his extensive inspection quality-control background.  Call Alban and give Stephen an opportunity to serve you well.


Art Lazerow
Alban Inspections Chairman