Two home inspection prep tips for sellers

After all the work you've put into securing a buyer for your house, there is no doubt that you're ready to conclude the transaction. Before the buyer closes, though, they will likely decide to have the premises checked by a home inspector. During the inspection, the property will be looked over for how well utilities like sewage, water and electricity function, as well as the physical integrity of the structure. 

As a result, you may be asked to make further repairs or adjustments to the property if the home inspector finds anything that needs to be corrected. 

In order to avoid surprises, here are two steps you can take to prepare for a home inspection

Clean out clutter: Keeping the home clean serves two purposes. First, the inspector will want to get into small spaces that are hard enough to reach without items blocking the route. Providing clear paths will help the inspection run smoothly and quickly. Second, having a presentable property reflects well on you as the owner, conveying to potential buyers that you care about the things you own, thus making a purchase more appealing.

Repair what you know needs fixing: If there are any repairs that you just haven't gotten around to making, take care of them before the home inspector arrives. The shorter the list of items a home inspector gives to a prospective buyer, the more comfortable they will be with the property. 

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