How buyers can prepare for a home inspection

 There can be significant consequences for the seller of a property if he or she is not prepared for an upcoming home inspection, chief of all is the loss of a potential sale. But for the buyer, the concerns may be even greater. Failing to make the most of a professional home inspection puts one at risk of buying a property that can quickly become an expensive headache.

Here are two steps buyers can take to prepare for a home inspection: 

Attend the inspection: If you're not a home inspector yourself, you likely aren't going to intimately know what a thorough inspection should look like or ental. But being present for the inspection not only sends a message about how seriously you take the process, it also provides an opportunity to learn how to look at your house from a professional's perspective. Perhaps the house is in perfect condition now, but if something goes wrong five years down the road you'll have a greater sense of what you should look for.

Hire a trusted professional: In many states, home inspection still isn't an occupation that requires certification or licensing. While this is gradually changing, it's also important to remember that just as every state has different standards for a quality home inspection, so does every home inspector. The best way to protect yourself from a bad inspection is to conduct an interview with the inspector, over the phone if necessarily but preferably face-to-face. After you've asked for references, be sure to check their standing with any home inspection agencies in your state. 

Purchasing a new home can be an exciting time in your life. Make sure it's as positive as an experience as possible. If you live in the Virginia or Washington, D.C., area, contact industry-leader Alban Inspections today for a quality home inspection.