4 ways to improve your home’s energy conservation

Until the last ten years, home renovations and installations that focused on renewable energy initiatives were largely the practices of environmental enthusiasts with disposable income. But with solar, wind and other technologies becoming more affordable and sensible for home owners to invest in, the number of ways to make your home more efficient with regard to energy consumption has skyrocketed. 

Here are a few environmentally friendly suggestions for you to consider: 

Automated thermostats: High tech thermostats are definitely a worthwhile investment, certain to reduce the amount of energy you consume and thus the energy bills you pay.  According to Tool Barn, estimates indicate that you're able to save roughly 3 percent on heating costs for every degree you lower your thermostat in the winter and as much as 6 percent for every degree you raise the temperature during the summer.

Faucet Filters: If you regularly purchase bottled water, switching over to a filter for your faucet would be an effective way of saving yourself money and easing the environment's burden, resulting in fewer water bottles taking up space in landfills.

Motion detectors: Installing a motion detector outside of your home to replace traditional lighting is a simple and affordable way to limit wasted energy on lights left on throughout the night, and will also minimize the chances of disturbing any wildlife. 

Wired Sprinklers: For home owners who regularly water their lawns, wired sprinklers are an affordable way to save money and aid the environment. The sprinklers work in the traditional fashion except that they are also able to sense the presence of rain. They will then deactivate and let mother nature water your lawn when the opportunity presents itself in order to save water.

If you live in the Virginia or Washington, D.C., area and are interested in having an energy audit to learn what other ways you can save money by adjusting the way your home consumes energy, contact industry-leader Alban Inspections today!