The importance of home water testing [Video]

Why do homeowners or those who are selling their property decide to invest in water testing? 

The answer can depend on several factors including proximity of the water to a septic system, composition of plumbing materials, as well as any issues with color, taste, smell or staining properties.

Two major reasons to definitely invest in water testing is the possibility of lead and a consideration for a home water treatment unit.

At Alban, we believe that water quality is an important part of your family’s overall safety in the home. In addition to their health, other water factors such as a private well or an older home are also issues to consider.

Over time, a private well can become defective and should be inspected. Common testing on wells include bacteria, nitrates, nitrites and lead. 

The EPA, University of Maryland Water Experts and the American Ground Water Trust recommend annual testing of private wells. 

Alban inspectors are accredited to collect water in all local states and our laboratories are nationally accredited.