Maryland continues energy efficiency quest

The Maryland Public Service Commission has created one of the most ambitious energy efficiency targets in the U.S., calling on utilities to cut electricity usage by the equivalent of 2 percent of retail sales every year starting in 2020. 

This initiative places Maryland in the top five states in the U.S. in terms of this kind of policy including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Oregon. By implementing energy efficient changes into political and social policy, states can reduce carbon emissions and conserve the natural resources of the environment simultaneously. 

The Chesapeake Climate Action Network calculated that Maryland's energy efficiency target will reduce emissions by about 900,000 tons a year, equivalent to taking 173,000 cars off the road.

Although some utilities may be hesitant to make the change, there is real promise for them in the future. Before the latest initiative, Maryland utilities achieved energy savings of about 1.3 percent of their sales. 

Utilities have the ability to make more money by encouraging customers to install LED light bulbs and incorporating energy efficiency into their homes with modern appliances and a better understanding of its benefits.

There are many benefits associated with efficiency including lower bills, a smaller carbon footprint and a cleaner Earth.

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