September is Realtor Safety Month

Selling real estate is known to come with some risk. Due to this, September has been named Realtor Safety Month by the National Association of Realtors. With the rise of social media as a tool for many realtors, some worry that their online presence may leave them vulnerable to a range of events.

The Silicon Valley Association of Realtors created a list of safety tips during this September that will be helpful for realtors throughout their career. 

Keep the following four tips in mind during your next home showing:

  • Be careful with all personal information: Although it may not seem like you're sharing a lot of your personal information, social media has the ability to pinpoint your exact location or broadcast where you may be next. Be sure to turn off this feature and keep your profile private. Consider making a second page for your real estate business without any details of your private life on it.
  • Keep the potential buyer in sight: Never let a buyer walk behind you during the showing or out of your range of vision. This ensures nothing is stolen from the house, as well as so you know where everyone is at all times.
  • Know all the exits: Once you enter a property, be sure to note all the potential exits. During an emergency situation, seconds count more than you think.
  • Use the buddy system: Let your coworkers know where you're going to be, who is supposed to be viewing the property and when you expect to be back at the office. Having a checks and balances system is great for both safety and tracking open houses.

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