Solar power expected to be the leading power source by 2050

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy is expected become the dominant global power source in the next few decades. The organization estimates that by 2050, a combination of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and concentrated solar thermal with storage will account for 27 percent of all electricity produced worldwide, a clear majority above all other power sources.

The IEA has said in the past that for the global community to reach its core energy targets by the year 2050, 68 percent of all electricity that is generated will need to come from renewable resources. The group predicts that nuclear and carbon capture will likely not be able to meet their designated shares, which means that solar power is going to have a greater role in our future.

While this might seem like a somewhat radical scenario, other experts think that the IEA is being too conservative in its estimates. Many believe that solar PV is going to expand well beyond the 16 percent that it projects for 2050, as that will require 116 GW of solar PV power to be rolled out over that time period. CleanTechnica predicts that the solar industry will reach 100 GW alone by the year 2018, expanding well beyond that in the coming decades.

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