Program helps low-income households become energy-efficient

A new program in Pasadena, California, is helping low-income residents make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. The initiative is being run by the Pasadena Housing Department and the nonprofit solar panel installation group GRID Alternatives. Together, they are creating more affordable power for people around the city who could otherwise not afford the equipment and installation necessary for the energy upgrades.

Launched last year, the program – known as Under One Roof – uses a series of green technologies that can be installed in the homes of low- to moderate-income residents. Qualified homeowners may be eligible for a refrigerator exchange, zero interest loans for house improvements and free exterior upgrades from the Housing Department.

Any Pasadena resident who participates in this program will also receive an added $5,000 in water and energy efficiency upgrades for their house. The point of the program is to help reduce the monthly utility payments for those households that are already struggling to make ends meet and might not be able to afford their energy-consumption habits.

"If you get solar and you take out the loan to fix up your window or roof and you get a new fridge and $5,000 in upgrades you really could be looking at like no electricity bill ever. You could be looking at a benefit for the rest of your life," Pasadena Water and Power spokesperson Wendy De Leon told local reporters.

Homeowners across the country should be interested in ways to lower their house's power consumption. If you are a Maryland resident, schedule an appointment with home inspection company Alban Inspections today to learn more about where you could be cutting down on your overall energy use.