Are solar-powered roads in our future?

Several years ago, Scott and Julie Brusaw came up with something that they thought was a radical and wildly implausible idea: Roads powered by solar panel technology. A short time later, in 2009, the couple received their first government contract and used it to found their company, Solar Roadways, Inc., in the hopes of making their dream a reality.

When first conceiving of this project, the Brusaws believed that by creating roads that ran on solar power, the U.S. would be able to dramatically cut down on the amount of greenhouse gases released each year. The roads would be built with the necessary solar panel equipment housed in a case that could withstand the force of passing cars.

Along with the solar cells held within these super strong cases, there would also be LED lighting installed up the different street lines and a heating system that would keep the roads clear of snow and ice each winter without the need of plows or trucks. The company's mission was always to construct these futuristic roads, and the Brusaws are about to get their chance.

The couple calculated that there are roughly 72,000 square kilometers of road in the U.S. that is in direct sunlight during the day, making these the perfect places to develop their solar-powered roads. They could run on and store power from the sun during the day, as well as charge electric vehicles as they move. The Brusaws are set to begin construction on the first of these roads by the end of this year.

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