Solar energy in the U.S. continues to increase

According to Switchboard, the Natural Resources Defense Council Staff Blog, solar installations have increased over 400 percent since 2010. 

This increase can be attributed to a range of reasons including lower costs of installation and the decrease in the price of solar initiatives in general. This not only creates thousands of new jobs for workers, but also reduces the amount of electricity needed from power plants, reducing the carbon footprint of those who make the switch.

One major set of Americans that are left out of this change are families in rental housing. As renters do not technically own the roofs of their homes, they are unable to install these energy-saving, cost-efficient panels. In addition, it can be difficult for building owners to agree to this change, even if the numbers indicate it would be sensible for future investments.

With this in mind, President Obama has announced the launch of the Energy Efficiency for All project. Key parts of the plan include:

  • Affordable housing owners agreeing to install solar and other renewable energy facilities into their buildings.
  • A partnership to promote Community Solar projects, allowing households to receive the benefits of purchasing a piece of a shared solar facility. 
  • Enhancing the development of local workforce groups in order to reach low-income communities. 

The plan does not focus on the role of these utilities but instead on addressing the real effects of climate change, promoting clean energy and creating a long-lasting network of jobs for future generations.

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