The use of renewables is becoming more prominent for U.S. electricity consumption

According to Clean Technica, the use of renewable resources in terms of electricity consumption is continuing to grow. 

Wind and solar power are increasingly becoming the most cost competitive options for electricity generation. 74 percent of this generation in the beginning of 2015 came from these two sources. 

The newest information has concluded that about 17 percent of U.S. electricity production in April can be attributed to rooftop solar electricity production. 

Between January and April 2015, the following positive trends were also recorded: 

  • Coal consumption decreased
  • Natural gas consumption increased by 62,694 GWh
  • Solar PV increased by 4,250 GWh.

Another key finding in this information is that overall electricity generation is down by 12,194 GWh. 

How can you decrease the amount of energy used in your own home? Keep the following three tips in mind:

  • Keep temperature control in mind: A ventilation system can become a big waste of energy if it is not regularly serviced. Control the temperature of your home, don't let it control you. Use sunlight and other natural light to your advantage, and pay attention to the setting of both the thermostat on the water heater and the traditional thermostat.
  • Measure electricity use: Take a look at your next few bills and determine how much energy you're actually using. With this in mind, decide how you can make a change.
  • Turn it off: If you're not using the appliance, make sure it's turned off or not plugged in. Leaving these on or attached to electricity will run up bills and energy usage.

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