3 tips to remember when checking an HVAC system

Checking out an HVAC system, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning, may not seem too difficult at first. Upon closer inspection though, there are factors that can easily be forgotten, or things that can be overlooked that may impact the function or impact of a system on a home. 

If you are a new homeowner, your HVAC system should have been checked before you moved in. Holding a home inspection before purchasing a home is a crucial part of the buying process. It ensures a peace of mind for both the buyer and those selling the property, as no hidden issues or surprises should be found when all the paperwork is finally signed.

Keep the following three tips in mind for proper maintenance of your system:

  • Actually look at the owner's manual: If you're going to open up your system even a little bit, you should have the manual by your side. However, it's often a better practice to call in a professional to avoid harm to yourself and the system.
  • Invest in routine checkups: It's not enough to check your system once every four years. Instead, plan a routine checkup each season for long-lasting results. 
  • Seal any leakage: Be sure your system isn't losing any power through a leak. Even a small leak can waste hundreds of dollars in warm and cool air, and often becomes bigger with time.

If your system is 15 years old or older, consider investing in a new one. These older systems often use inefficient means to cool or heat a home, wasting both money and energy. To schedule an energy audit to measure energy efficiency in your home, contact Alban Inspections or visit our website