Solar electricity slated to be cost competitive in 25 states by 2015

While residential solar panels have become increasingly popular over the last few years – due to price reductions making them more affordable – they have not been able to compete on a national scale with traditional sources of power. According to some experts, this is all about to change in the very near future.

Up until now, solar panels have required homeowners to go through a number of different processes for financing and installation. These have included special subsidies, financing over long periods until homeowners noticed any difference in their monthly utility payments and the money being saved.

This is rapidly changing, according to David Crane, the CEO of Texas electric utility NRG Energy. While talking to Green Car Reports, Crane said that by the end of next year, electricity created by residential solar panels will be fully cost competitive with power delivered by local utilities in half of the states across the entire country.

Crane also highlighted NRG Energy's aggressive plans to make solar power a more prominent part of its overall portfolio. More companies will be investing in this technology, he predicted, as the increase for residential solar panels increases. Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to save energy in their households.

Having solar panels installed in your home is a logical step toward a greener, renewable future, especially since the equipment itself is becoming more and more readily available. If you are a Maryland resident looking for other ways to improve your home's energy efficiency , be sure to schedule an energy audit today with home inspection company Alban Inspections!

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