3 easy ways to save energy in your bathroom

When it comes to your home, there are all kinds of ways you can make sure that the space consumes as little energy as possible. This will be especially important as we get further into summer, as homeowners will likely be spending more money on air conditioning and other ways to keep the entire household cool. While your bathroom should be an oasis – a place where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life – it should also be a space where your power is consumed in smart and efficient ways. You can make any of these changes without having to break the bank.

The best thing about improving the energy efficiency of your bathroom will be the amount of money that you save on your monthly utility payments. Even with the smallest possible changes, you will see the amount of power that your home regularly consumes – as well as what it will cost you each month – fall. There will also be an added benefit for the environment, as a home that produces less carbon dioxide will have a smaller negative impact on the planet. This is welcome news, especially as attention has been intensely focused on the threats posed by global climate change. Any positive influences on an individual level help greatly.

Here are a few ways you can save energy in your bathroom:

  • Fix the leaks: If you have an annoying leak in your bathroom, whether it is from the showerhead or the sink, you should fix it as soon as possible. Not only will the annoying dripping noise keep haunting you at night, it will actually cost you money each year. Hot water that drips out of the sink can cost the average household over $50 annually, which might not seem like a substantial amount until you add it up over time. The amount of wasted gallons of water also quickly adds up, especially for a problem that can be so easily repaired.
  • Invest in new lighting: The best way to save energy in your bathroom is by focusing on the lighting. New LED or CFL bulbs will be your best option, as they are the models that will produce the greatest amount of light for the smallest amount of energy. While these fixtures might be a little bit on the pricier side when you first buy them, they are guaranteed to save you money over the long run. New light bulbs will also freshen up the look of your bathroom, adding an important aesthetic appeal as well as a functional purpose.
  • Seal the windows: Your bathroom windows should be tightly sealed at all times, just as the rest of the windows in your household. You should check for any air leaks around them, to be sure that there is no air escaping from the interior of the room to the outside world. If you find that there is a leak, you should seal it as soon as you can, in order to prevent any more wasted cool air from going out through the tiny cracks.

If you are a Maryland resident and want to learn more ways that you can make your bathroom – as well as the rest of your home – a more energy-efficient space, be sure to schedule an energy audit today with leading home inspection company Alban Inspections today!