3 benefits of using LED light bulbs

Most homeowners are always on the lookout for new and different ways for saving energy around the house. Nobody likes to pay high monthly utility bills, so incorporating power-saving measures into the home is a great way to benefit financially. One of the easiest ways you can reduce the amount of electricity that your residence consumes is by having LED bulbs installed in your home, replacing the bulbs that you already own to make each room a more energy-efficient space.

Here are a few advantages of using LED lights around the house:

  • Energy efficiency: One of the main reasons that people invest in LED bulbs is how energy-efficient they are. The average LED bulb is 80 to 90 percent more energy-efficient than a traditional lighting fixture. The more power that is used for electricity, the less that is wasted on just heat. LED bulbs consume much less energy than incandescents.
  • Durability: Because the bulbs are made up of high-quality and sturdy materials, they can resist all kinds of external conditions. This makes them ideal for outdoor lighting at your house.
  • Long lifespan: When it comes to longevity, no other type of light bulb can even come close to LEDs. If you still have incandescent fixtures around the house, they will generally last for 1,000 to 2,000 hours of operation. LED bulbs, however, will last considerably longer – over 100,000 hours. This means a single bulb can last you for at least a decade of use.

If you are a Maryland resident and want to learn about other ways to save power around the house, be sure to schedule an energy audit today with Alban Inspections!