Senator Jeanne Shaheen discusses energy bill at Earth Day event

At an Earth Day event earlier this week, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) attended an event focusing on the effects that climate change was having in the state of New Hampshire. Senator Shaheen, one of four keynote speakers at the event, spoke about the progress her bipartisan energy bill was making in the Senate. The bill, commonly known as Shaheen-Portman, is expected to be on the floor of the Senate within the next couple of weeks, now that is has the votes necessary to defeat a potential Republican filibuster. 

While Shaheen noted that the bill was not everything she would like it to be, she did note that it was a major step in the right direction on dealing with the climate change crisis, calling it the "cheapest, fastest way to deal with our energy needs." The bill was first introduced in Spring 2013, but stalled due to the addition of various unrelated amendments and the federal government shutdown.

But speaking at the event, Shaheen expressed great optimism that the energy bill, which she has co-sponsored with Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman, will be able to pass through the Senate and make its way down to the House. Should the Shaheen-Portman bill pass, it will be the first major energy legislation enacted by Congress since 2007. Senator Shaheen said that climate change will have a real, tangible effect on the ecosystem of New Hampshire.

"If we don't have moose in New Hampshire, it makes a difference when we think about the jobs we have here, to the outdoor industry, to tourism, to fish and wildlife," Shaheen said at the event.

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