Tips for making your television more energy-efficient

While no homeowner enjoys receiving their monthly utility bill, it is an unavoidable part of life. As most people know, it can be pretty expensive – particularly in the summer and winter – to power a home each day. There are areas around the house, however, where each individual can cut down on the amount of electricity being used.

Here are a few ways to improve the energy efficiency of your television:

  • LED is best: As with their light bulb counterparts, televisions with screens made with LED technology consume far less energy than a traditional model. If you are shopping for a new television, be sure to look out for one with LED lighting.
  • Size matters: These days, it seems as if no television is ever big enough and that people always want more. A higher percentage of homeowners now own sets that are classified as either big or jumbo, often exceeding 43 inches. This is not good news for the environment or your bank account, as the bigger a television is, the more power it consumes. You should sacrifice a few unnecessary inches on your television to reduce your utility payments.
  • Turn it off: One of the biggest ways that people waste energy when it comes to their televisions is to keep it on or on standby even when it is not being actively watched. When a television is not in use, turn it off completely. This way it will not consume energy that is not being used for a practical purpose.

If you are a Maryland resident interested in other ways to reduce the power consumption of your home, schedule an energy audit today with Alban Inspections!