How to improve your home’s energy efficiency this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 44th birthday of the modern environmental movement, when people began to look more seriously at the effect we collectively have on our planet. Although global climate change may seem like a big issue that no individual person can help prevent, this is not the case. Any small steps taken by a household can have positive results, which means having a healthier Earth for years to come. It's up to each person to make the commitment to reducing power consumption.

Here are a few ways you can improve your home's energy efficiency this Earth Day:

  • Change the light bulbs: If you still have any incandescent fixtures in your house, be sure to replace them with CFL or LED bulbs. These light bulbs use about 40 percent less power than the traditional models, which will cut down on your monthly utility payments.
  • Keep unused electronics unplugged: If you are not using a machine in your home – whether it is a computer or a blender – be sure to keep it unplugged. A device will consume electricity when it is plugged in even if is not in use, wasting both power and money. This is a no-cost way to save you money in the long run.
  • Reuse certain items: A towel can be used twice before it needs to be washed, something that will reduce the amount of laundry you have to do each week. By reusing different items, such as towels or sheets, you will be using much less water by having less to clean.

This Earth Day, commit to making your home greener! If you live in the Maryland area, schedule an energy audit today with Alban Inspections to find out other ways to have a more efficient house.