5 tips for better home efficiency this fall

As summer sweeps away into fall, homeowners should take some time looking at their house for any changes that could be made to enhance energy efficiency. Although energy efficiency is often thought of in the warmer months, conserving cooler air and open spaces, fall and winter are often marked by cozy, warm rooms in their place. 

Keep the following five tips in mind for better efficiency in your home for the upcoming season:

  • Roof repairs: As heat rises, the roof is often the first place that the warm air in your house will escape from if there are holes or openings. Before the leaves begin to fall, and especially before it's covered in snow, take a look at the roof and chimney for any holes or missing pieces. If you are unable to do so yourself in a safe manner, consider calling in a professional instead.
  • Seal any leaks: Add caulking or weatherstripping to drafty windows and doorways. Sealing openings will keep the warm air in, as well as the cold air and possible pests out as well. 
  • Take a look at the furnace: How old is your heating system? When was the last time it was cleaned out? It is recommended to replace a furnace filter once a month or more. 
  • Thermostat temperature: Consider lowering your thermostat at certain times of the day, or purchasing one that monitors movement in the house for the most efficient practices possible.
  • Watch the windows: Cover drafty windows with a sheet or curtain to keep the warmth inside. 

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