Towson University recognized for its environmental commitment

Earlier this week, Towson University received a rebate check for nearly $2 million for its participation in the Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge. The check was presented to school officials at a ceremony on Thursday, April 17, which was attended by DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan and Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) CEO Calvin Butler Jr.

The rebate from BGE was given to Towson through the utility's Smart Energy Savers Program, a program that works with the DOE to offer residents and businesses the chance to earn financial incentives by reducing their overall energy consumption. Towson was recognized for updating 35,000 light fixtures on campus, as well as having 10,000 motion sensors installed. The university reduced its power use by 25 percent, which amounts to annual savings of $1 million.

"Towson is a leader not just here in Maryland, but across the country, and our exciting announcement today is just another example of how this great university is setting the standard for other educational institutions and commercial and business customers around the world," Butler said during a press conference held at Towson's campus.

While speaking to the press, Hogan praised the school's commitment to improving itself for the environment. It has been so successful that it will serve as a model for other schools and businesses in the area that are looking to reduce their own energy use. Those who participate in the Better Buildings Challenge have a goal of reducing power consumption by 20 percent by 2020.

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