Florida woman frustrated by mold, humidity and condensation in new home

Before purchasing a new home, it's essential to have a home inspection contractor examine it to determine whether or not there are structural, electrical or mechanical problems that aren't visible to the untrained eye. In a recent post, we discussed how a home inspection can help homebuyers identify hazards, renegotiate prices and understand future needs before making such a huge decision.

In Jacksonville, Florida, local source First Coast News reports that homeowner Denise Criscitiello is experiencing all sorts of unpleasant problems with the new home she purchased in November 2011.

Criscitiello told the source that she moved from New York to Florida to retire, but explained that since she's been in her current house, it hasn't exactly been relaxing. With dense condensation on the windows, mold and puddles accumulating in various places and "unbearable" humidity levels, Criscitiello said she doesn't enjoy living in this home.

"I'm not happy. It's a brand new home. I came here not to have things to do. I don't really feel like wiping windows everyday," Criscitiello said.

After contacting Del Webb, the company that built the home, the source states that Criscitiello received a letter in November 2012 saying that assessments had been done and there was nothing wrong with the air conditioner or the other parts of the home that she has been having problems with.

Valerie Dolenga, a spokesperson with Pulte Homes Group, released a statement on behalf of Del Webb, saying that the company had been responsive to Criscitiello's concerns and conducted multiple evaluations.

Criscitiello, however, isn't satisfied.

"All I want done is I want my [air conditioning] fixed properly," she said.