Building a deck? Have a home inspection beforehand

Now that the weather has improved, many homeowners are taking it upon themselves to create spaces where their family can enjoy the warm air and sunshine. While many homes are already equipped with decks or patios designed for summertime enjoyment, not all owners are so lucky. Instead, these residents take it upon themselves to build their own deck or patio as part of a fun house improvement project to tackle for the season.

However, there are many do-it-yourself disaster stories out there involving homeowners who didn't take the proper steps to prevent certain mishaps. In many cases, it's not a matter of shoddy deck construction so much as an overestimation of the structural integrity of the adjacent house.

One of the first things you should do is check your home's foundation for any obvious cracks that could be exacerbated by adding on a new deck. Often, just giving the base of your property a once-over by walking around the perimeter of the house isn't enough, as there could be weak spots that the untrained eye wouldn't notice at first sight. 

This is why before you undertake any construction project on your house you should contact a home inspection contractor to make sure your property can handle the added pressure. These professionals will be able to detect not only structural flaws, but also advise you on best practices and what to watch out for when you are making an addition to your home. This way, you can rest easy and enjoy your patio without being worried about hidden flaws.