Boston College named Business Leader for energy efficiency

On May 9, it was announced that Boston College (BC), a private nonprofit Jesuit university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, was named the Northeast Business Leader by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) – a coalition that raises awareness and endorses projects to improve energy efficiency throughout the region. The group will honor BC at its annual summit gathering in early June.

The school was also named 2013 State Champion for pioneering several energy efficient overhauls on the school's campus that lowered utility costs significantly. Among the more noticeable efforts was the implementation of 1.4 million square feet of lighting improvements and an overhauled refrigeration system that helped increase the environmental friendliness of the school's dining services.

BC was nominated by utility provider NSTAR for shaving roughly $650,000 off it's electric bill on an annual basis.

"As we celebrate the Sesquicentennial anniversary of BC's founding, all of the energy conservation projects that are being performed on existing buildings, as well as the efforts to install energy efficient products in new construction, show we are determined to enter the next chapter of the University's history with energy efficiency at the forefront," said the school's Director of Engineering & Energy Management, Terence Leahy, in a press statement.

The school currently has the largest endowment of any in the Jesuit university system and has helped to grow it through its energy efficient efforts.

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