Make sure your property is safe before your kids get out of school for the summer

In just a few short weeks, kids will be getting out of school and spending a whole lot of time playing around the house and in the backyard. While parents may not be as excited about having to come up with ways to keep their children busy this summer, youngsters probably can't wait to put down their pencils and have some fun.

If you have children who are about to be spending a lot more time on your property because school is out, you'll want to be sure that while they are playing hide and seek or any other game that takes them throughout the home and yard, they don't stumble upon something that could be a health hazard. 

Since most schools aren't getting out for roughly a month or so, you still have time to conduct a home inspection. This way, you'll be well aware of any issues in your house that may need to be addressed so that your children don't injure themselves this summer. By conducting mold testing, for example, you'll be able to remediate any outbreaks that are discovered before your children find them and potentially develop a respiratory issue.

You should also consider performing radon testing your property since your kids are likely to enjoy the warm weather and go outside this summer. If they have too much exposure to this toxic substance, it could have a long term affect on their health and, in extreme cases, may even lead to lung cancer at some point down the road.