5 realtor safety tips you need to know

Selling a home can be quite an accomplishment for your portfolio, future sale references and wallet. Unfortunately though, real estate agents are in a more dangerous industry than some may think. Implement these five tips into your next home showing for a successful, safe outcome: 

  • Alert someone to your whereabouts and what time showings will begin: Let a friend or spouse know where the house is that your showing. Let them know you will contact them afterwards, and that if they don't hear from you, to contact you or do a drive by.
  • Avoid keeping valuables and prescription drugs in site of potential buyers: Valuables in a home, especially those visible to an outside passerby or those looking at photos online can increase risk of a burglary. Lock up valuables for their safety, and that of your realtor. 
  • Only show during the day and ensure adequate lighting is used: According to AOL Real Estate, showing a home during daylight is the safest option. If showing during nighttime hours is necessary, keep all lights turned on and curtains open for street visibility. 
  • Plan ahead for an emergency situation: Know all escape routes and keep your car readily accessible on the street. Don't walk in front of potential buyers, instead lead them by pointing to the next location and standing outside the room.
  • Schedule appointments with potential buyers: Don't show a house to someone you don't entirely trust. Screen buyers beforehand with a phone call and ask for identifying information. Keep this information on file, or give it to your agency for safekeeping.

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