Home seller safety information you need to know

All realtors should have a safety and security talk with their clients. Selling a home can be a pivotal life moment, but it does come with some risk. Home owners must ensure that they are selling their property in a safe manner to protect both the value of their home and themselves. 

Make sure you cover the five safety tips listed below before your next open house:

  • Eliminate all weapon possibilities: Make sure all firearms are locked in a secure place. In addition, remove possible weapons such as kitchen knives, fireplace accents and other sharp objects.
  • Have a home showing procedure in place and stick to it: Set specific hours when you will show potential buyers your home. Be sure your realtor is present and obtain information about each person that enters your home for your own records.
  • Keep all materials with personal info out of sight: Don't leave stacks of mail, bills or other material with potential private information in plain sight. Personal information can easily be stolen during open houses. Consider removing family pictures and other identifying information as well, as you may not know who will show up at your door.
  • Remove all medications from sight: Don't give visitors the option to raid your medicine cabinet. Remove all traces from bedside tables, vanity drawers and bathroom cabinets.
  • Secure your valuable items: Lock away items such as jewelry, credit cards or other valuables. If you don't have a secure place in your house, ask a trusted friend or family member if they have space for you.

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