4 business energy efficiency tips to keep in mind

Energy efficiency is an important part of the home, but it is also a vital piece of a business as well. Running a business can become a costly endeavor, especially if steps are not taken to decrease accrued costs. Some of the many costs that can build up over time include benefits, production, salaries and location.

One of the other areas owners can look to is energy efficiency. Efficiency encompasses a range of factors including heating and cooling systems, window placement and upkeep, as well as general electricity usage. Energy efficiency may seem like a simple idea, but there are less obvious issues that can arise if not thought of beforehand. Some common questions to ask yourself before making a change include:

  • How often are the lights on?
  • Is the heating system working to your expectations? What about the cooling system?
  • When was the last time the windows were replaced or resealed?

Consider making the following four changes in your business today:

  • Control the temperature: Is the temperature controlling your workspace or is the workspace controlling the temperature? Take some time to determine what the best temperature is for all employees and set the thermostat as needed.
  • Invest in Energy Star products: Energy Star products are made with efficiency in mind. By installing these products throughout the business, in both office and kitchen areas, a real difference can be made.
  • Look at the lighting: Are you wasting energy in terms of how lit the business is? If lights are left on when no one is there, or too much lighting is being used, energy is being wasted.
  • Unplug electronics that are not in use: Don't leave anything plugged in that doesn't need to be. These phantom users of energy will rack up the costs.

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