How can energy efficiency be improved in your home?

As the temperatures continue to drop, your furnace may be taking a beating in terms of working overtime to keep your home warm and comfortable. In addition to higher energy consumption, energy bills will increase as well. Costs most often associated with heating and cooling the home comprise two-thirds of average energy bills.

These changes may be DIY-esque, but bringing in a professional such as Alban Inspections can also make a great difference. 

  • Caulk around the windows: Cracks of any form in the home are one of the most prevalent issues affecting energy efficiency. These can also be an entry point for moisture and water, as well as unwanted pests. By covering up these entrances, more costly repairs can be avoided.
  • Keep up with the furnace filter: Take some time each month, especially during the winter, to look at your furnace filter and ensure it is working properly. By changing it when it is clogged or dirty, it will work more efficiently without overexerting itself.
  • Replace old insulation: A poorly insulated attic or basement will release heat in large amounts. By replacing older insulation, heat will be kept inside to warm the home. This can also help prevent leaking and other unsightly weather conditions. By staying on top of insulation, the efficiency of your home will be kept in proper order.

Finally, be aware of other apparent issues in your home. If your bills seem to be sky high and the house is like an ice box, there is most likely something amiss. A quick scout of the area can be helpful, especially with an expert in your corner.

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