Heat your home safely and efficiently this winter

Keeping your home heated this winter is essential for both the comfort and safety of your family. A warm home lessens the severity of the outside elements, creating a cozy atmosphere that's evident as soon as you walk in the door. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average household spends about $2,000 a year on utilities, with half of this payment attributed to heating costs alone. Homeowners can reduce this cost without compromising safety by keeping just a few tips in mind.

  • Be sure vents are clear: The last thing that should be happening is a heating vent blockage. This most often occurs when curtain drapes or even furniture are placed too close to a source of heat. This will cause your system to work harder and can potentially cause a fire as well. Vent air should be able to flow freely at all times.
  • Check the furnace filter: The EPA recommends changing furnace filters every three months. If it's dirty or has accrued a buildup of materials, it will not run as efficiently. By not cleaning the filter, this can also cause a potential fire hazard, as these materials can become flammable when left for long periods of time.
  • Fan it out: Use the ceiling fan to your advantage. Fans should be turned on to circulate warm air downward by keeping it on low with the blade direction running backward. In addition, opening the curtains on sunny days can also make a difference, heating the home by natural means. 

For more home heating and efficiency tips, visit our website or consider scheduling an energy audit today. Alban Inspections offers a range of energy efficiency checks that ensure homeowners' peace of mind this winter.