Windows are key in energy efficiency

There are many ways that a home can become more energy efficient. Windows are often a great place to start for new and old homeowners.

Windows are known as one of the largest contributors to a home's overall efficiency. Installing energy efficient windows can decrease bills, reduce the carbon footprint and increase overall home value.

According to Energy Star, replacing single pane windows with its products can save up to 6,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year from entering the atmosphere. That is equivalent to up to 310 gallons of gasoline. 

Upon a resale of the home, this change can cause a 78 percent cost return, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.

Keep the following three tips in mind when shopping for energy efficient windows:

  • Product material: Look for windows that are made with sustainable materials such as recycled glass, wood or other industrial materials. 
  • Location: Install windows in areas that have a lot of natural light. This can help keep utility bills down, as well as create natural heat. 
  • Lower U-values: These types of windows resist the transfer of heat, keeping it cool inside during the summer and warm inside during the winter. In addition, having a double pane window instead of a single pane can also make a difference, insulating the home better.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, homeowners spend more money to keep their homes cool in the summer, especially those with older window systems. Take back control of your bills today.

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