3 home issues to keep in mind during a walk-through

During a home inspection, there are many issues that should be covered to ensure that your new property is a great fit in terms of both aesthetics and safety.

In addition to the foundation, heating system and insulation, there are many other factors that should be taken into account. Keep the following three issues in mind during your next home inspection:

  • Appliances that are left behind: Although an appliance left behind by previous homeowners may seem like a great thing to have, it may not be if it doesn't work. Before agreeing to let them leave it behind, be sure it runs well.
  • DIY improvements: If a homeowner just made a big change in the home, such as fixing pipes or building an addition, be sure that what they did is safe and suitable for you and your family. Cutting corners in these projects can lead to serious issues in a home, even if they can't readily be seen.
  • Leaking faucets: Although plumbing is often a main issue during inspections, be sure inspectors take an adequate amount of time to test each part, such as the draining of the shower, leaks and grout that may be growing mold in hidden areas,

Although a home inspection may not seem like a hard feat to cover, often, the best course of action is to bring in a professional. Get the best results and the most comprehensive checkup with an inspection completed by Alban Inspections. 

Our inspection includes a list of your home's strengths, areas of concern and tips for future maintenance. To learnn more about our home inspection contractors, visit our website