Why Not A Comprehensive Home Inspection?

The Alban Five Star Home Assessment is a Buyer’s and a Realtor’s Best Friend Half of all homebuyers who call Alban select the Five Star Home Assessment. Yet only one in five Realtors who schedule on behalf of their clients selects this comprehensive study of their client’s new residence.  Truly, there is nothing better for your client.  The infrared camera sees temperature differences behind walls which eliminates concerns about moisture and mold, and the RecallCHEK survey of in-place appliances provides peace-of-mind knowing there is no fire hazard from recalled faulty appliances. Five Star Home Assessment Broadens the Client’s Experience Reduce Realtor Liability The client who selects the Five Star Home Assessment gets a rigorous review of the home.  This clearly lowers Realtor liability.  And if the client chooses not to avail him or herself of the full Five Star Home Assessment, thereby getting less which results in a hidden deficiency undiscovered, the client bears full responsibility and cannot look to the Realtor’s service as deficient.  For added protection to the Realtors who refer clients to Alban Inspections, we offer Errors and Omissions Insurance covering the referring Realtor.  Work with Alban Inspections and reduce your liability! For the longest time we had believed that home inspections alone fell short of providing our clients with the full information they needed to make the most informed home buying decision.  Traditionally the home inspection was limited to a visual and accessible standard and our concern with every inspection had been “what’s behind the wall that we cannot see.”  Is it mold, is it moisture, and are there termites?  Accordingly, we re-envisioned the experience and created The Five Star Home Assessment. The Five Star Home Assessment broadens the scope and depth of the experience for our client.  A Five Star Home Assessment will include a full ASHI certified home inspection, the wood destroying insect inspection (termites), an EPA visual mold screen, a moisture report and a full infrared camera scan of the home.  Both infrared and digital camera pictures will be included in the digital report, which can be emailed to your client and to the Realtor the same day as the inspection. In this comprehensive assessment, additional services are impressive.  The Alban inspector will make a free re-inspection within 45 days after the original inspection of repairs made.  Every client receives a four point insurance letter to help get the lowest possible property insurance premium from their insurance company, a carbon monoxide screen of combustion appliances, combustible gas leak detection, and a RecallCHEK report on the home’s appliances showing whether or not any of the appliances has been recalled.  Since 9% of all homes contain at least one unsafe, recalled appliance which is a potential fire hazard, this issue should not be ignored. Alban appreciates that not every client will want every aspect of the Five Star Home Assessment, so we also offer a range of options to permit the home buyer to select what information they desire and the price point they are comfortable with. Have your client call Alban or you may call Alban yourself on behalf of your client for their home and environmental inspection needs.  They and you will not be disappointed.