Research Video Discloses Realtor Challenges and How to Combat Them

Do not miss this information packed video asking what challenges are facing Realtors and how can they be overcome.  In our effort to work collegially with the Realtors who refer clients to Alban Inspections, we commissioned a private research firm located in Seattle Washington to take a broad and intensive look at conditions of the real estate market, determine the greatest challenges to Realtors today, and propose effective solutions to combat these challenges. The final report came to Alban as a long PowerPoint presentation with extensive data and very sound conclusions and solutions. We then boiled it down into a focused and precise presentation for Realtors which we intended to use in continuing education classes.  But the Maryland Real Estate Commission essentially eliminated in-office continuing education.  Alban’s solution was to produce the video you are about to see.  As a companion to the video, Alban also prepared a written report to permit Realtors to study the research and incorporate the findings into their presentations to clients.  All this is offered you free – our way to say thank you for 18 years of great relationships. The challenges really matter.  These unspoken fears harbored by Realtors’ clients are impediments to making a positive home buying decision.  Like electricity traveling through highly resistant wires, there is a lot of heat but nothing productive at the other end.  Realtors want their clients to be comfortable with the thought of saying “YES.”   If hidden doubts cloud the decision making process, “YES” becomes “MAYBE” or even worst, a “NO”.      Click here to be whisked to the video, entitled The Three Greatest Challenges Real Estate Agents and Brokers Face Today.  These top threats to your business can be combated and overcome.  Improve your odds of hearing that satisfying “YES, I want that one!”  The thirteen page written companion report can be obtained at the same time.  Do not fear your client’s hidden objections, overcome them.   Let Alban help you. COUPON $50 Off Five Star Assessment July and August, 2012 Summer Special – Mention that you saw this offer in our newsletter and receive $50 OFF a Five Star Home Assessment.