What to consider when choosing a home inspector [Video]

Spring is the perfect time to schedule a home inspection. The flowers are blooming, temperatures are mild, and home defects once hidden by snow or low winter light are now out in the open. But before you pick up the phone book and call the first home inspection company you see, do a little research. 

First, take a tour around the neighborhood and ask people for recommendations. Also, check out industry sources. For instance, The American Society of Home Inspectors maintains a detailed database that includes information on all its members. The Better Business Bureau is also a good source for concerned consumers.

Once you’ve narrowed down the field, make sure your candidates are certified in your state. Homebuyers looking to inspect a prospective home should pay special attention to this guideline. Many times, sellers only accept repair requests based information gathered from in-state inspectors.

Finally, make sure your inspection company carries insurance to cover any inspection-related damages. Ready to start your search for a reputable home inspection company? Contact Alban Inspections today.