Top spring home-selling tips you need to know

As flower bulbs burst through the soil searching for sun, homebuyers and sellers prepare for the real estate rush that occurs every year during the spring months. According to, individuals looking to sell their homes over the next few months should be excited. Experts say it's shaping up to be a seller's market, as home prices continue to rise and inventory remains relatively low.

However, before entering the fray, sellers should consider a few essential spring-selling guidelines.

  • Get organized and clean up clutter: The home-selling process can move fast – one minute you're contacting a real estate agent and the next, you're leading strangers through your bedroom. So, start things off by deep cleaning your home. Potential buyers don't want to pull up to an unkempt yard or traipse through a cluttered home. Call a cleaning service and put on a fresh coat of paint.

    "When you walk into a nice hotel room, everything is nice and sparkly clean. You want the same thing for your house," Sheryl Grider Whitehurst, managing broker at Traders Realty in Peoria, Illinois, told U.S. News & World Report.

    Additionally, take a look at your landscaping. A few simple outdoor adjustments can improve curb appeal and net you more cash.
  • List now: Once you've prepared your home for sale, list, list, list. It's best to do that between April and June when buyers are plenty, reported Also, don't write up some run-of-the-mill property rundown. Create a listing that both touches on the essentials and tells a personal story – buyers aren't simply looking to purchase a structure, they're in search of a home. However, keep your anecdote short and stick it near the bottom.

    According to Zillow, most buyers receive 10 or more listings per day via mobile real estate applications or agents. So, put the essential particulars at the top in a bulleted list. Include the
    location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, lot size and the closest school district. Lastly, don't go over 250 words and include photographs.
  • Offer incentives: Last year, 37 percent of sellers offered incentives, reported Millennials and other young buyers fear expensive closing costs so many sellers offer to pay these fees in hopes that they will receive full asking price and score a quick sale. This is certainly a wise strategy for those looking sell their homes this spring. Last year, millennials accounted for one-third of the total home sales. Experts say these young buyers will continue to dominate the market throughout 2016. 

Before testing the spring housing market, make sure to hire a home inspection company to look over your property and make sure there are no hidden issues. An energy audit might also be a good idea. Learn more about both of these services at our website