What demographic is the most energy efficient?

According to Energy Efficient Markets, the demographics related to energy efficiency are changing. A recent poll conducted by the KSV marketing firm indicates that interest in energy efficiency is highest among Hispanics.

The poll took into account a range of demographic differences including age, income, gender, ethnicity, household size and educational level, among others.

Research indicates that 78 percent of Hispanics want to reduce energy consumption at home, compared to 71 percent of Asian Americans, 69 percent of African Americans and 61 percent of Caucasians.

Hispanics are also more likely than any other group to have made efficiency changes in the past 12 months, 67 percent changed at least one home area. 

The survey yielded other information including:

  • 60 percent of homeowners indicate they enjoy taking on home improvement DIY projects
  • Fewer than half have taken on an energy efficient home improvement plan in the past year
  • Less than 10 percent believe their homes are energy efficient 
  • 63 percent would like to have more efficient homes.

"Across the country, the seeds have been planted about the importance of energy efficiency. But, in general, utilities are doing a poor job translating that sentiment into consumer action," said a KSV press release.

It's not just homes that are seeing a change, no matter how big or small, in energy efficiency. According to Reuters, flying in an airplane has become less energy intensive than driving a car. Research from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute indicates that driving consumed 71 percent more energy per person than flying in 2012. 

This change can be attributed to a host of reasons including more efficient fuel and higher seat occupancy in planes as compared to cars. 

If you can't drive to where you want to go depending on location and money, you can make an energy efficient change at home instead. Schedule an energy audit with Alban Inspections today