Energy efficiency spending is stable

According to Fierce Energy, North American electric and gas utilities spending were stable throughout 2013. 

Research from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) indicates that although growth has been approved in efficiency program budgets, more can still be done.

American and Canadian gas and electric management programs reached $8 billion in 2013, as demand side management reached $7.2 billion. The allotted amount for these programs remained the same as 2012 figures despite new complex utility models, changes in state policies and fluctuating gas prices. 

In addition, over $1 billion was spent on demand response programs in 2013.

In light of this information, some experts believe more can be done to make the world more energy efficient. Simple changes to energy output, intake and the simultaneous pollution results can be made today. 

"Every American home, building, and appliance that we make more efficient saves money and cuts pollution, and moves our nation closer to a more sustainable and prosperous future," said Natural Resources Defense Council member Elizabeth Noll.

Some changes you can implement today include:

  • Eliminating waste: When throwing away work materials make sure they are disposed of in the proper manner. Always recycle when possible.
  • Keeping air vents clear: Air vents will be forced to work harder if they are not clear of couches, supplies and other blocks. Eliminating this waste can help reduce 25 percent of energy consumption.
  • Placing your work computer on power save mode: If you're not using your computer or other plugged in technology, place it in sleep mode so it uses less energy.
  • Unplugging devices not in use: If you're not using it, it probably doesn't have to be plugged in.

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