Virginia nonprofit provides home inspections to local residents at low cost

In order to help prepare local residents for the warmer weather, the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), a nonprofit energy services organization based in Virginia, is partnering with the city of Charlottesville to provide cost-effective home inspections.

According to experts from LEAP, there are several simple upgrades people can make to their properties to reduce their electricity bills during the spring and summer. WVIR NBC29 reports that, thanks this joint initiative, homeowners have been able to get their properties reviewed for just $25, while it previously would have cost them $100. 

One individual who has taken advantage of this service told the source that it was a valuable experience to have professionals come in and help her prioritize the fixes she needed to make inside her house. 

"There's a lot of information out there about how to save but nothing beats having someone come to your home and help work on your specific situation," said Laura Fiori, a residential energy manager at LEAP. "Everybody wants to do something to save energy but it's hard to see where to start."

After performing a one-hour assessment, the representatives from LEAP give homeowners two lists. One features changes they can make on their own and the other includes larger issues that will likely require the work of a professional. In most cases, there are necessary repairs that only cost a couple hundred dollars, but can save people money in the long run. 

If you're interested in making energy-efficient upgrades to your home, you'll be happy to hear that the state of Maryland's provides multiple rebate offerings, including those available from Pepco and Potomac Edison, which make the initial implementation more cost-effective. To get started, contact a home inspection contractor to perform an energy audit.