Upgrades earn Energy Star ratings for three Washington D.C. buildings

First Potomac, one of Washington D.C.'s largest commercial real estate managers, received high ratings from Energy Star on three of its downtown properties after a slew of energy efficient renovations.

Energy Star, who grades commercial, industrial and residential properties on a checklist of factors to determine their environmental friendliness, found all three properties to be at the higher end of its grading scale after inspection.

The building that scored the highest of the three was 1211 Connecticut Avenue, which received 90 out of a potential 100 points from Energy Star analysts. The eight story building was constructed back in 1967 and has received numerous renovations in the more than 40 years since completion. By replacing insulation and windows throughout the more than 137,000 square foot property, as well as replacing the building's HVAC system, the company was able to reduce utility waste significantly.

Similar upgrades were made at the next highest scoring building in the companies portfolio was the 12-story 84 First Street. The management company first started upgrading the facilities back in 2011 in an attempt at making it a benchmark for energy efficiency.

Despite scoring 78 on the Energy Star grading system, impressive improvements were made at the companies 500 First Street office building that will significantly lower the utility costs of the government agency that is currently the buildings sole tenant.

For business or home owners who would like to learn more about how to receive an Energy Star rating of their own, an inspector can conduct an energy audit that will outline where waste can be nipped in the bud.