More home builders taking advantage of green technology

According to several new reports, the number of energy efficient homes on the market has been increasing drastically year over year throughout the United States, with Energy Star Certified homes accounting for more than a quarter of all new construction in 2011.

This news comes on the heels of a report from the Department of Commerce that shows new home construction exceeded real estate analyst's expectations last month, with housing starts increasing 15 percent from August to September.

All of this has been accomplished without a strict national building code, showing that more buyers are willing to go green than ever before. As temperatures drop and winter approaches, more and more buyers are seeing the benefits of lowering their utility costs by being environmentally friendly.

A separate study from the National Association of Home Builders shows homes that qualifies as green by the group, exceeding even the high Energy Star certification, accounted for 17 percent of new construction. Two years ago, the same report showed that only 2 percent of new homes met the standard.

Although there is no national standard that mandates new homes have an Energy Star seal, certain municipalities throughout the nation have adopted stricter rules regarding new residences that does require them to meet certain green guidelines.

If you live in an older home that may not be as energy efficient as a newer property, contact a home inspection contractor to have them show you what ways they can improve their homes burden on the environment.