Two questions to ask before a home inspection

Buying a home can be one of the most costly and significant purchases of a lifetime, which makes it all the more important to hire a home inspector ahead of time. But one of the most complicating factors of the home inspection industry is that there are many who are uncertified and aren't legally required to be.

As a professional home inspection carries the potential of saving you many thousands of dollars if done right — and cost you just as much if done wrong — it's worth the extra effort and time to find a service you can trust. 

Here a couple of questions to ask a home inspector to give you a better idea about the quality of service he or she is able to provide: 

Ask for references: Checking a home inspector or home inspection company's history through references is a simple enough and effective way of assessing the quality of service you're considering purchasing. Questions focused on timeliness, thoroughness of the inspection and how comprehensive and understandable their inspection reports were should give you a good sense of their skill level and commitment to professionalism. 

Inquire about what the inspection includes: In order to fully understand what you're paying for, ask what specifically goes into a housing inspection. You want it to be as thorough as possible because there are no perfect homes, virtually every one has a flaw of some sort, no matter how minor. Finding someone who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the property is sound is always a desired quality. 

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