The value of a home energy audit

Making our houses more energy-efficient without sacrificing the comforts of home is becoming more important by the day. Not only are traditional energy sources like fossil fuels becoming less popular due to their environmental harm, they are also becoming more expensive because of the political unrest and extraction challenges that surround them. Improving energy efficiency at home is a double-edge sword that is both environmentally friendly and economically prudent. 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2009 saw more than $229 billion spent to power American homes. Even households with an annual income that fell beneath $20,000 spent more than $1500 on energy costs. Along with saving money, the renewable energy field contributed greatly almost a million new jobs to our economy in 2010, according to a report by the Alliance to save energy. 

This is why a common question among many homeowners is not why they should make their homes energy-efficient but how to begin in the first place? The validity of this question lies in the fact that no two houses are truly alike, with factors like architecture and location contributing to the multiple ways a structure can either lose or conserve energy.  

A comprehensive understanding of the way your home uses energy and how you can improve upon that utilization can be best gained through a professional home energy audit. Everything from air leakage to water heating, lighting, HVAC system efficiency and more are considered when compiling an energy profile for your home. Many of the solutions provided can be as simple as installing insulation in walls and attics, planting new trees to increase the amount of shade on the property or replacing outdated windows. 

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