Trying to sell your home? These tips can help you pass a home inspection

Recently we’ve discussed the importance of investing in a home inspection before making an offer on a house. As a prospective buyer, there are many factors to consider that aren’t visible to the blind eye, and failing to have a professional assess the property can lead to unwanted costs in the future.

But what about sellers who are eager to unload a house? By taking care of some of the problem areas you may already be aware of, you can increase your chances of passing a home inspection when the time comes and eliminating that important roadblock that could prevent you from successfully selling your house.

Sellers should consider the following: 

Checking the roof and chimney – There may be issues with the roof that you don’t even know about, but this is one part of the home that inspectors will pay close attention to. It’s a good idea to replace any weak or damaged shingles ahead of time so that the quality of your roof is adequate. 

Focusing on the details – Home inspection contractors are very thorough, so chances are they’ll pick up on any little thing that may have slipped your mind. Small, simple tasks like making sure smoke detectors are working, testing your appliances and fixing leaking faucets can all help ensure that you pass the inspection. 

Taking care of mold and mildew – This is one thing that buyers are particularly wary of – and rightfully so. Exposure to toxic mold can cause mild to severe health issues, so ridding your home of this fungus is important. If you can identify mold or mildew in any area of your home, you should get it checked out. 

Whether you are buying or selling a property, a home inspection contractor can help you determine what kind of upgrades are necessary to make your house as safe as possible.